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How To Start A Blog Using WordPress

Are you ready to learn How To Start A Blog Using WordPress? If yes is your answer then this article would teach you all the necessary things you need to know to start a blog.

Today I will be showing you a step by step procedure on How to Start a blog using WordPress. With this tutorial guide you would be able to start your own blog just like me…. 

After reading and digesting this step by step guide, you would be able to start or create your own blog without any hassle. However if you need my personal help in setting up a blog for you, then you can always reach out to me and  I will be glad and ready to help you get started.

Let’s go straight to the topic on this guide,“How to start a blog using WordPress.”


How To Start A Blog Using WordPress

Before I begin with this guide, it would be important for me to first introduce you to what a blog is, so you can have a full knowledge of what we are talking about.

A Blog is a web page where you keep writing important information for the benefit of people. It is also a web space where you keep updating and teaching people on how to arrive on a particular subject task. Or learn new things.

Now I believe you have gotten the idea on what a blog is all about.

Now, let’s proceed further! Before you start a blog using WordPress, there are two important things that you must have an idea off, or know about. 


  • A Domain Name and
  • A Web Host.

Let’s have a brief look at what a domain name and a web host is, to have a clearer understanding. 

1: A Domain Name: Is the URL or the address of your website/blog to which is registered too. An example is www.myname.com or www.kingdavidsblog.com, hope you get it! So coming up with a good domain name is very important for anyone starting a blog.

I will suggest you find trusted companies and register a domain of your choice with. Companies like NameCheap and Godaddy are a very good place to buy and register a domain name with. 

2: A Web Host: Web host is the place you pay for your files to be stored and go live on the air. So that when people or a visitor  do a www.mydomainname.com the can find your website present and live running.

There are many web hosting companies in the world where you can pay and buy hosting for your website or blog to go live on the net. But finding a reliable one is very important because it would determine how speed your site would be when people do a search on the the net.

So getting a good web hosting company is very very important. 

Blue-Host, Siteground, HostGator and  GreenGeeks are one of which, that are very reliable for anyone willing to start a blog.

But for the sake of this tutorial I will be making more reference to greengeeks web hosting company.

Why GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks web host offers a blazing fast and secure eco-friendly web hosting to all it’s customers. This would make your blog site 300% green when hosted on their platform. You can start up your blog for as little as 2.95/month.

Not only that but with GreenGeeks web hosting you get a one year free domain name. This is a special package for new customer starting their blogs with them. 

Now to start A Blog using WordPress, do the following:

Log into Greengeeks click on the Get Started Now button to begin your registration.


The next thing for you to do is to select the plan that best fits your need. Greengeeks have 3 plans to choose from, Lite, Pro and Premium plan.


After you finish selecting your desired plan, the next thing is to enter the domain name of your website/blog.

The final thing you do on the registration process is to add your account information e.g your Bank card details and so on, hope you understand. 

I recommend you begin with the 12-month duration plan or better the 36-month plan because with that you get their best value added. 

Then click on the create account and finalise all your details, ensure the are all correct to get your final package information.

Congratulations you have now succefully paid for your web hosting. You would then receive an email with details that contains how you will log into your WordPress control panel.

But before that you will need to Install WordPress on your new account, to do this it is important you know WordPress is all about.

WordPress is a blogging tool also known as Content Management System (C. M. S) that is used by millions of site owners around the world. One good thing about WordPress is that it is free for anyone to install and use.

Now that you have the idea of what WordPress is, let’s see how to install it.


Install WordPress!

Because we are using GreenGeeks web hosting for this guide, I will walk you through the process of installing WordPress to your greengeks account using the Softaculous App.

Firstly, from the cPanel you move to the Softaculous App Installer and click on the WordPress icon as seen below:

The second thing you do is, from the Softaculous window, you click on the install now but on show on the description:

The next is to put in all your website/blog settings details e.g, Your site’s name and description, WordPress log in username and password etc.

After your done with this stage of putting all your settings, Click on the install button at the middle as show on the picture below:

Once your done with this stage, WordPress would now run and install on your account. After the WordPress installation is over, softaculous would generate links for your WordPress areas. Please make sure you keep them save for your use.

That’s all for today’s tutorial on how to start a blog using WordPress. And I hope you have found this guide useful.

Please if your have any questions or contribution to this topic you can use the comment box. And don’t forget to use the share buttons, to share with a friends.

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