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How to Start A WordPress Blog on SiteGround Step by Step Guide

Hi folks! In this tutorial,  I’ll walk you through on the step by step guide, to start a WordPress blog blog with siteground.

First of all let’s have brief look at site ground and what makes them a reliable hosting. SiteGround not only offers fantastic hosting, including easy WordPress hosting, the company also has an amazing customer service, and there prices are very affordable. If you want to start a WordPress site for cheap, I highly recommend, SiteGround.

In addition to being an affordable web hosting service, siteground also makes it easy to launch your blog.

What Makes SiteGround A Reliable Web Hosting Company

Choosing a reliable web hosting, can be a tricky decision, especially for those who are new in the blogging sphere.

The following are some reasons that makes siteground a reliable hosting company

  1. Incredible Uptime
  2. There customer service is superb and very fast
  3. Siteground gives a fast speed for loading site
  4. Affordable price, and free site transfer
  5. Free SSL certificate.

You can learn more about siteground>>here.

Start A WordPress Blog On SiteGround

Step 1: Choose a Hosting Plan

The first thing you want to do is head over to Siteground  and select which hosting plan would best work for you. Siteground offers three web hosting plan i.e Startup, Growbig and GoGeek Plan.

Click here and choose a hosting plan.

Step 2: Choose a Domain Name

Once you have picked out a plan that’s right for you, the next thing is to register a domain name. I recommend taking time to come up with a perfect name for your blog.

If you already have a domain name, then you can select the “I already have a domain” option and add your domain to proceed.

Step 3: Complete Registration

Once you’ve chosen a hosting plan and a domain name, it is time to enter all of your registration information

Enter Your Registration Information

Step 4: Choose Your Initial Plan Length

Here, you can choose how long you would like to pre- pay for siteground’s hosting services at the introductory rate. Trust me guys, this is a great option for you, and can lock in the rate for up to three years.

In addition, you’ll also get a chance to add any extras if you’d like. I highly recommend the domain privacy. Domain privacy will make it, so that your address and phone number don’t show up when people look at your domain information.

Step 5: Account Successfully Created

Once you have paid the final bill your account will be successfully created.

Step 6: Begin the SiteGround Website Wizard

The siteground setup wizard will walk you through installing WordPress on your account quite easily.

To get started, choose the “Start a new website” option and proceed.

Step 7: Choose Website Preferences

Here, you will have to indicate the type of blog you’re setting up, as well as the platform you’d like to use.

Step 8: WordPress Log-in Details.

Here, you will select a username and password for your WordPress blig. I recommend you come up with a username that isn’t obvious. Don’t use the name of your blog, hackers spend a lot of time trying to hack their way into blogs.

Step 9: Choose a Web Design Template

Siteground gives you the option of choosing a free web design template. This is pretty awesome!

Changing your template isn’t particularly difficult and there are thousands of free ones available.

Step 10: Access Your New Site and Start Blogging

Congrats! Your new WordPress blog is already created and you’re ready to start blogging!  The admin URL is where you will now access your new blog.

Click here to start a WordPress blog on siteground account

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This post contains some of the affiliate links. It means if you make any purchase through the link, I may earn a small commission, Thanks for your support.


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